CSP Dairy Solutions

We offer specific dairy sampling vials in different sizes and functionalities which are ideal for Payment and HR

We welcome you on our website, where you may find useful preliminary information to some key issues related to product handling and protection, and we will be pleased to help you once your interest is raised!

We are located close to the Swiss and German borders in France, and we are ideally located to ensure logistics and service our very demanding customers in the fields of Dairy sampling, medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging. We provide both packaging and filling equipment, and have based our experience on tight - leak proof - clean containers (sterile vial), which are protected by dozens of patents.

We manufacture injection moulded plastic vials such as

  • Milk sample vials
  • Dairy sampling vial
  • Sterile sample vials
  • Airtight vials
  • Plastic vials

Solutions provider

Our company is dedicated to the dairy sampling industry, from the farm to the laboratory. We are dedicated to bring to the industry the finest products and services that it demands.

By Émerveille
Agence de communication Strasbourg